LOS ANGELES. We need to stop being hypocritical about housing. I object to the project at 1500 Hi Point St 90035 because it will serve to provide 90% market rate/luxury housing and does not meet city housing needs. We need no less than a mandatory 85% of all new housing unit rents to be at affordable income and moderate income rates.

We need all new multifamily apartments to be a mandatory 85% affordable and moderate income rents.


The nominating process Los Angeles

THE NOMINATING PROCESS. Many of you know the nominating petition process is based on the days when one had to vote along party lines. This no longer applies in local elections. In view of the effects of COVID-19, to save our Republic, I urge you to support either the elimination of the candidate nominating petition process (just the petition, not the nominations) or making the petition nominating process strictly online where voters can nominate their candidates and see a daily internet tally of the results. Please call your local, county, and state election officials and seek the support of your friends and neighbors. Also contact the city Los Angeles elections department and the ethics department. This is NOT a time for large gatherings to get in person signatures. Now is the time because the next nominating petition process starts February 2022 so laws will have to be changed before then.

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We have enough solutions and money. We need better leaders

"However, Garcetti believed that the City Council’s plan was more business as usual and was not a “progressive vision for the future.” ..."confronting the stark Black-White disparity among people experiencing homelessness, driving racial reconciliation, protecting jobs held by people of color with new opportunities in the City workforce, and working in closer collaboration with our communities on allocation decisions....the City Council’s proposal was focused on basic services such as the repair of streets, alleys, and sidewalks; the trimming of trees; the installation of speed bumps and left-hand turn lanes; and many other infrastructure projects that have been crowded out by ever increasing personnel costs." Somehow I feel this is all political posturing after reaching back room deals. I think Garcetti is the main architect of business as usual. I guarantee you that little of that millions of dollars will go towards improving the plight of the homeless (no matter how small their number in perspective), little will go towards racial reconciliation, little will go towards protecting jobs, little will go towards housing for the middle and low income. Remember Garcetti is head of Metro who has already planned  the economic and housing disparity that will continue to erode the neighborhoods. Who the heck is worrying about infrastructure at a time like this with the reported racial disparities in medical care and the collapse of housing and landlord-tenant relations. . Where is the money to fix those things? Will Angelenos wake up to the fact we have enough solutions and we have enough money, we just don't have the right captains at the helm of the ship. Garcetti announced months ago a city civil rights department; I have tried to contact them numerous times with no response; not even the city clerk's office knows where they are. So much for the mayor's claim to racial reconciliation. So much for fiscal accountability. (Posted to City Watch article. 12/28/20 by G. Juan Johnson)

"G. Juan Johnson, legal advocate". 2022 Los Angeles mayoral election . Wikipedia.