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Gays and Straights Fight it Out at Activision Video Games 

“I believe Activision employees Brian Smith and Robert A. Kotick were aware of my complaints about sexual harassment, labor code violations of not provided tools to do the job, unsanitary food handling, putting a vacuum cleaner into the coffee beans, keeping food out past the safe time period, unsafe milk temperature, etc. or they should have been aware.”

Editor note: Around June 15, 2022, temporary employee "Gerry" Johnson made a sexual harassment complaint against temporary worker Cortez Mathews about an incident that occurred the week of June 6. By July 13,  there had been little contact with Gerry Johnson even though the complaint was made to Williams Lea (contractor), Roth Staffing, and Robert Half International staffing agency. In the meantime Coretz with help from friends drafted what looked like an attached  "incident report" that showed no signs of identification. The Cortez document attempted to predate the Johnson complaint, but nevertheless looks like retaliation from Cortez and others. The Cortez report looks highly fabricated; for example, Cortez complains about conduct of Johnson on eleven days but has nothing to report on the 15 other days that he continued working with Johnson. None of the companies involved sought to hear Johnson's side of the story before he was booted from the temp position.

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July 13 2022 document from Cortez Mathews

(Occurred at Activision, Santa Monica California)

July 15 2022 My Commentary


Cortez agency attorney
defends illegal audio taping at Activision


Where are the illegal Cortez audio Activision tapes?


California Code, Penal Code - PEN § 632

(a) A person who, intentionally and without the consent of all parties to a confidential communication, uses an electronic amplifying or recording device to eavesdrop upon or record the confidential communication, whether the communication is carried on among the parties in the presence of one another or by means of a telegraph, telephone, or other device, except a radio, shall be punished by a fine not exceeding two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500) per violation, or imprisonment in a county jail not exceeding one year, or in the state prison, or by both that fine and imprisonment.  If the person has previously been convicted of a violation of this section or Section 631 , 632.5 , 632.6 , 632.7 , or 636 , the person shall be punished by a fine not exceeding ten thousand dollars ($10,000) per violation, by imprisonment in a county jail not exceeding one year, or in the state prison, or by both that fine and imprisonment.

Redacted Text messages at Activision

June 13, 2022 @10:48 am

Geary to Cortez


(This occurs after Cortez expresses that he feels I am not giving Gelela enough training on the copy machines.)


Thanks for your excellent ideas. I did not want to show Gelela the copy machines right now because the coffee, snacks, and sodas need to be completed first.



All good, wasn’t tripping. Just was a little confused on why she wasn’t getting taught something I was getting taught. I know you mentioned someone taught her last week, but someone, you, taught me last week as well. A little extra training for all of us is fine. No need to clear it up tho, didn’t give it much thought.



Good thinking.

(Hardly sounds like any animosity in those text messages. The prior week during one week training,  Geary did show them the copy machines but briefly. What Cortez does not realize or want to, is that Geary has barely been trained on the copy machines himself, thus the training would have been limited, as in let me show you the machine, paper, and how to turn it off and on. See Cortez recall of the same date conversation in his “Incident Report Activision” forwarded July 13 and mentioning June 13. Cortez recall is much different.)


June 19 @10:52 am


Brian Smith

Who told you to add water to the milk?

Geary Johnson

Bobby. I texted and called Chris to verify so he did say and I relayed to Gelela and Cortex who were standing with me



So Bobby said to add water to the milk if it is low?

So are you saying Chris agreed that this was an acceptable solution to low milk?



That is my recall. Remember he also said to mix the milk if low.


(Editor: meaning mix old milk with new milk. Later Chris would say don’t do it, then he would change again and say it is ok to do so if the different containers have the same expiration date. My opinion to myself is that I object because that is cross contamination. I am feeling at the time no one is listening so I decide to text Brian again. WTF.)


June 19@1:12 pm

Geary to Brian


My two cents. Often we get prepared food on Wednesdays. Leftovers are sometimes refrigerated for the next day. The best info I see online is cold food should be covered w ice underneath and hot food with heated servers underneath. Mainly,  food should not be kept (exception desserts) longer than 2 hours as safe food handling. Often we set the food out at 11 am to 3 or 4 pm. That is well past 2 hours. Then we put some in the frig and pull it out the next day for another 2 hours. I think the department should be on the same page with this so hospitality as well as housecleaning agree. My two cents.


(Editor note: That is the last communication with Brian Smith. But it appears Brian has forwarded the information to Chris Jenkins).


6:47 pm.



I talked to Leslie (Roth staffing) about using your car (and mileage for using it for company business). We can catch up about that tomorrow. Also did you start a text chain with Bobby and Brian about the kitchens? If so me I should be on it and you can remove Brian he won’t want to be on it.

July 6, 2022 @ 1:38 pm


(Editor: I have not been supplied a company phone and I refuse to use my personal cell phone but Chris texts me anyway.)



If you are at the Water Garden, please come back to Pen. I need your help.

(Editor: July 6, 2022 is that last text with Chris because I stop using my personal cell phone for company business. It is July 6 and there is no mention in the text messages about any complaints from Cortez Mathews about me. GJ)


"Estimates of how much of a conversation can be accurately recalled in detail after delays of several minutes to several weeks are quite low and range from 0% to 20% of the total idea units that occurred in the original conversation ".


These documents are based on a CPRA, Wage claim, and EEOC complaint. 

Public Records (published)

Public Records (published)

CEO Kotich Named in Sexual Harassment Incident

Activision Incident against Chris Jenkins



Activision incident against Brian Smith


Activision against Jonathan Aldridge


Public Records (published)

Text from Video Title: “The new video game and my response to the allegations”

(The text also appears below)

Blacks fighting whites, straight people fighting gay people, gay people fighting each other. Prejudice is everywhere.

See the video

“The new video game
and my response to the allegations”


Text from Video
“The new video game and my response to the allegations”



Johnson: Well, that's the next video game. That's what that says. Some type of food there, like a hamburger, some rice, and what's that? Oh, Sauerkraut. Not a very good picture. But anyway, the next video game, and I'm not talking about food. Okay, today we're going to try to, I thank everybody who watches this, who's watching this, and we're going to try to, if we could get this in a half hour would be a miracle.


We're going to talk about an incident that occurred at Activision. Activision on 2701 Olympic Boulevard in Santa Monica, California. Actually, there's a website, I'm going to give you the link below, but there's a website that shows some of the documentation that occurred that relates to this incident that occurred. And it is concerning sexual harassment. Anyway, that's what I'm going to be talking about today. I'm going to be talking a little bit about some of the things that are on the website. Just trying to clarify some things, and basically, I'll be reading from a statement, in a few minutes, that I drafted and that's what this is going to be about. So I thank everybody who's watching and here we go.


Earl Ofari Hutchinson wrote a book, and it was called The Assassination of the Black Male Image. A pretty good book. I am a public official. I ran for the office of mayor of Long Beach and mayor of Los Angeles. I'm known as a fighter for the fair housing and an activist against housing, discrimination, and government racism and corruption. And I'm a supporter of Black Lives Matter. This is the reputation I bought to Activision, at the end of February 2022. I am a temporary worker through a temporary job agency. I imagine some people at Activision did not appreciate my views, but I never made a point to directly express any of my political views while working at Activision. Without legal assistance, I have won in court cases against the IRS, EDD, Hyundai Motors, and others. Racism and retaliation occur in this country because the financial penalties are not strong enough. Let's see how much time we got here.


Around Wednesday, July 13th, my temporary assignment at Activision was ended abruptly by contractor Williams Lea[?], around 12 noon. I do want to clarify that I was a temporary worker and when temporary workers are on assignment, their assignment will have a beginning and an end at some point unless they're hired full-time. In my example, when my assignment ended, that's the correct category, is to say assignment ended or no work was available at that point. Some people may classify this as a termination of employment, but technically it's not a termination. Activision could not terminate my employment. Williams Lea could not terminate my employment because I was not employed by Activision, and I was not employed by Williams Lea. So some people want to make that statement. I guess, they can say any statement they want to, but the factual and accurate statement would be that the assignment ended. I was not employed by Williams Lea or Activision.


I would normally not make a video with such views, but I do so because I was denied fair opportunity to respond to the allegations and documentation of Cortez Matthews'. I don't necessarily consider Cortez Matthew's complaint to be, excuse me, his document to be a complaint. Because when I received the copy of it, it was an attachment to an email which he wrote. I did not see the body of the email, but the actual document that I'm quoting here and making reference to, the actual document was an attachment. It did not have a name on it, did not have his name on it. It did not have an address, did not have a phone number, so there was no way to reference it. Was this a draft? Had somebody else written this? I believe somebody else wrote it or helped him to write it. I think it's pretty obvious when you get a chance to read the document, you'll see that it's very contradictory, and it's just a narrative that somebody has rolled up to apply to a situation. Some of it doesn't make any sense at all. Most of it can't be proven that actually, it occurred, as he stated. And, of course, I do dispute, most of the document, the wording that he uses, and also the circumstances that he does describe, as they are not factual.


Let's see. I reserve the right to modify or delete this video at any time. I heard that his name is Cortez Matthew, I heard that his nickname is Baby, much like Baby Face Nelson or Baby Huey. I did not have sex with Baby Cortez, nor did I sexually harass Baby Cortez. If any of you are faced with having to defend yourself in such a situation, make sure to evaluate yourself of the Mcdonnell Douglas Burden-Shifting test. And if applicable read the state of California Unruh Act probations, so it's Unruh Act, U-N-R-U-H, Civil Code Section 51. It may not apply to employment situations, but read it anyway, so you can get an idea of how you might have to defend yourself.


The document of Baby Cortez is an attachment, and it's not signed or dated, or addressed by Cortez. I'm not sure, it looks like he sent it to a mailbox called the mail room or the mailroom help mailbox at Activision. Looks like he's sent it there, but I was not sure who was on that mail room folder list, as to which employees were on it, whether it was Chris Jenkins or Bobby or Brian Smith. By the way, the principles here that we're talking about. Brian Smith is the facilities manager, facilities director, I'm sorry, for Activision at that location. Chris Jenkins is the supervisor for Williams Lee, at the location. There's a gentleman named Bobby. He works in the same Department as Chris Jenkins, which would be hospitality mailroom office services and that was the same department, I was working in as a temp. So Bobby was another person in that department and Cortez Matthews of course, and Gelila[?] was also in that department, that I know of. There was also a receptionist named Greg, you may hear me mention his name. He was a new person that started around June 9th, I believe. The same time that Cortez and Gelila, they actually started around June 9th. I think Greg started the following week, but the 3 of them were employees of Robert Half Legal, Robert Half International. I say, Robert Half International, they were the ones that put Cortez, Greg and Gelila at that site location.


I believe that based on the documentation that you'll get to read by Baby Cortez, you'll see that he has the Jussie Smollett complex. At the location, it takes about 5 minutes to walk from kitchen to kitchen at the Pen[?] Factory location, which looks like a large open space warehouse. There was no telephones, and I imagine most people were using company cell phones. Since most people were also working remotely during the four and a half months that I was there, most people are working remotely. There was a lot of downtime with nothing to do. Let's see. Up until July 12, which was when a lot of the employees returned from working remotely, I was let go on July 13th so that was the day or two around the time the employees came back. Interestingly, if you read the documentation from Cortez Matthews', he complains about my conduct at work on 10 separate days. But on 11 other days, June 15th, 16th, 20 to 24, 27, 29, and July 5th and July 6, there were no complaints from Cortez about my work conduct. So, it seems a little confusing that, on the majority of the time he work with me, there was no complaints from him.


So I found that Gelila and Cortez were a very good workers. They were creative and they were artistic. But maybe not so good on time management and that may have been because they just started, I was assigned to train them for a one-week period, which I did, and they were not exactly attentive while being trained. I was training them together, but then I realized, since they were not being attentive, at one point, Cortez was on his cell phone and I said, "Don't do that," and at one point, Gelila, right in the middle of my sentence, she just turned her head and starts talking to Cortez. So, not attentive, not respectful of the training. As soon as we start to train, they saw the refrigerators because basically, your job is, excuse me, you go from coffee machine to coffee machine. There are 4 different kitchens. There's 4 different kitchens, 4 different coffee machines, and you have to maintain them and clean them. You're not servicing them, but you're just maintaining to make sure that the milk product is there, and make sure the machine is working. Then you also have snacks you have to maintain. You have sodas and drinks in the coolers, and then all the supplies that go with everything, you have to maintain all of that.


Early on, probably within an hour of the training, the first thing they both said to me was, "That cooler looks terrible. Can we change that around?" So I said, "Okay, we got 2 people here that want to be in charge, they want to run things their own way and that's okay. But I don't know if I'm going to be able to train them too well because they're already gung ho." So, I let them do one of the coolers over by themselves. I didn't give them any instruction. Of course, they didn't do it exactly correctly because they didn't leave room for the milk product that was left over and they didn't leave room for the employee's lunches. But this was because they just wanted to do it their own way, and they want to change things. I think they should have tried to learn the way it was being done already, and maybe down the line, two or three weeks from then, then make some small changes if you want to.


I would say that, even though they seem to want to do things their own way and not necessarily be team players, they were artistic, and they were creative. They didn't do anything that I couldn't have done, anything particularly out of order. I mean, it's not that complicated a job, but sometimes, they did do things which I felt were time wasters. And of course, there were not a lot of people there at the time. Some days there was nobody there except the security guards and the people in our department. There was no Activision employees there. So it was a little tedious, but I just felt that they would learn things as they go along. I even tried to train them by having them work separately from each other, just to see how that would go, so they wouldn't be distracting each other. I did try that a little bit. Excuse me. Let's see.


Cortez claimed that he and Gelila walked around every 15 minutes, while I did not. That was the statement he made after I had released them from my training, but I was still there working as part of the department. I was going from building to building, servicing the machines, cleaning or either turning on the machines and also check into stock in the other building, which was called the Water Garden Building. For some reason, maybe, he didn't understand that I was doing the same thing he was doing. Or he kind of felt that because they were walking around every 15 minutes, and I was not. I don't know how he came to that conclusion, but that was the conclusion he came to. I mean, he wasn't exactly at the other building watching what I was doing, so how did he come to that conclusion? Anyway, I didn't try to challenge him on that statement because I couldn't see why he would be walking around every 15 minutes in the building that was essentially empty. Now, I think, maybe to his credit he was walking around to make it look like he was doing some work and that's okay. You want to stay busy.


Anyway, I had complained about unsafe food practices before they got there. There was mold on one of the milk containers. I believe that we were keeping the food too long. When they started, we still were keeping the food too long. If we have leftovers from lunch or something, I believe we were keeping the food too long. They had put the cups into the cabinets. Cortez is tall and Gelila is a little shorter, so it's like, they were using stools to put supplies into the cabinets. Then, I think, they got carried away a little bit, and they were putting loose sleeves of cups in the cabinet without having the plastic around them. I thought that was unsanitary to put cups in the cabinet without the plastic around them. There wasn't any point to it, but they didn't listen to me. So if there's spider, there's bugs, whatever, in that cabinet, they're going to get on those cups or whatever. There could be some cleaning solution in there, I don't know. But I'm just saying, I didn't agree with that practice.


At one point, they were using a vacuum cleaner to stick it inside the coffee beans, the coffee beans insert to the coffee machine. They were sticking a vacuum cleaner in there and I didn't agree with that. I mean, it wasn't in the manual anywhere. I don't know who told them to do that, but that's what they're doing. I thought that was on unsanitary, a vacuum cleaner that's been on the floor, possibly been on the floor, possibly been somewhere where there's some type of dirt. And you're putting it inside of a coffee machine, where people have to use those coffee beans to drink with. I said, "This is kind of beyond me." Little things like that would happen, which I brought to Brian's, attention. It was one of the repairmen, he's the actual repairman for the machines, not myself. Complaining that there were maggots in the machine.


I don't think anybody really understood, except maybe me, that the reason why there were maggots in the machine was, possibly, because the machine was left vacant, left dormant for a week and a half. And during that time, it was very warm inside the machine. Not only was it warm, but the door was closed. So, because it was warm, and the door was closed, and because the person who is supposed to be cleaning them, which was not me, or Cortez, or Gelila, the person didn't clean them. They left dirt or dried milk inside the machine, and that's what created the maggots. That was completely realistic, but I want I brought it to Chris's and Brian's attention. They didn't really take any corrective actions to make sure it's not going to happen again. Also, the maintenance people told us to not take the milk out of the machine. We were taking it out every night, then putting it back in, in the morning, and he said that was degrading the quality of the milk.


When I brought that to their attention, which the maintenance people brought to their attention, they basically didn't want to hear it. They didn't care that the milk was not at the right temperature. In terms of safe food practices, which I thought it was unsafe, and of course, they didn't want to hear that. Basically, I just said it once or twice and that was it. Let's see. And I do have the text messages from Brian where he acknowledged what I was saying. At one point, Chris told me to take Brian off the text message chain, so they didn't want to hear it. He didn't want to hear it. Maybe he didn't want to hear about complaints of sexual harassment either, I don't know.


How many blacks work at Activision in full-time employment? I'm just skipping around here. See my hand up? I'm not waving. This is not a wave. I'm trying to say how many Blacks work at Activision. In full-time employment, not as temporary contractors, but full-time employment. I don't mean administrative people, I mean just regular workers. Let's see. I am a Black male perceived to be gay, perceived to have a disability, and perceived to be over the age of 60. How many people work at Activision who are over the age of 60? I'm not waving, I'm just saying how many people are over the age of 60? I guess, if you have people at Activision, which I believe that the Robert Half employees, which was Greg, Cortez and Gelila, maybe not so much Gelila, but I think that they were in this little conspiracy where they were trying to entrap me.


Of course, you can't use entrap unless you're talking about the police, but it could have been a conspiracy to make me do something that I wouldn't normally do. To ask me questions or to leave me down some road or something. Because, I think, I'm a relatively smart person, but I'm also more naive than I would want to be. So, if I saw something like this coming where somebody's kind of plotting against me, I probably wouldn't even recognize it. Anyway, I think there is some law that says that if you're trying to get somebody to do something in a civil setting, not a police or government setting, and you're trying to get them to do something that they normally wouldn't do. That's considered to be a civil conspiracy. That you're participating in by making that person do those things. And I think we can see that from the conduct of Matthews here if you believe the contradictions that are in his story.


Do we still believe everyone in America is entitled to a fair hearing before we lynch them? Do we still believe that? I wasn't given the fair opportunity to respond to the allegations of Baby Cortez and whoever helped him write his diatribe because I was out the door. I think somebody mailed it to somebody by mistake or not by mistake, but as soon as I saw it pop up on the screen, and I didn't have a laptop up to this point. But I was given a laptop that Wednesday, I believe, the Wednesday they ended my assignment. Within that short time period of just between, say 9:30 and 12:00 noon, I just happened to look at the email section of Outlook on the computer. And then I saw this email pop up, and it was from Cortez.


It looked like it had a document attached, and then it had copies of screenshots which would have been text messages from his phone that were between me and him. Then he had the document attached. I don't know if he realized or if he sent it. I don't know if he realized that I was on that email, I really wasn't on the email chain, I just had access to the mailbox. So I could see the mailroom mailbox in Outlook. But somebody sent it and then as soon as I saw it, the person deleted it. I have no idea what was going on. I don't know why it was sent to those people, what was the purpose, and why was it deleted. But I was able to go into the deleted section and then see a copy of what the document was.


Anyway, let's see, July 1st, 2022. Okay, about 3:10. I'm sitting in the lunchroom. And this was right before the holiday, it was July 5th, and July 5th was... Let's see what we got here. Okay, I'm trying to watch my time here. July 5th, we were off from work, so that was a July 1st, the Friday before July 5th. It was very slow. There was almost no employees at work. So, Gelila, contrary to a lot of what you read in Cortez's manifesto there, Gelila actually sought me out. I was in the building, she sought me out. She told people, she told security she was looking for me, and she told Bobby she was looking for me. So, these people told me she was looking for me. Her and Cortez came up to me, and she actually wanted to ask me a question. So she said, "Well, we have some milk in the cooler and the date is coming up to the 5th, why don't we just throw out the milk that's dated the 5th, because nobody's going to use it this weekend?" And I said, "Well, why don't we throw it out when we get to that date? Why do we need to throw it out ahead of time? I mean, there's nothing wrong with it."


Of course, we had a difference of opinion over, if milk was good, so many days after the date or should we throw it out on the date. So it was a difference of opinion there, also, but I just thought that was a kind of a waste of company money to be throwing out milk? I mean, I'm talking about gallons of milk before we got to the 5th, we're only on the 1st. So, in the process of that, she was sitting down with Cortez and myself. She was standing because she's a little shorter, but Cortez has these long legs. He was sitting kind of at an angle to me, across from me, but probably kind of like, at an angle. So, if I'm sitting like that, maybe I'm sitting at a little bit of an angle like that, but he's sitting directly across from me. He's sitting on a barstool chair, and he's swinging. He's swinging his legs, swinging his legs, swinging his legs. So it's just he's swinging it, right? And his foot is coming up into my crotch area, it doesn't touch me, it's not touching me, but he's just swinging his leg. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, just right up to my crotch. I'm not really looking directly at him because Gelila is talking. I don't want to look at this person that's swinging their leg into my crotch, so I just look at Gelila as she's talking. So, as she's talking, I'm sure she noticed he's swinging his leg with no explanation, I just said, "Well, okay, whatever it's childlike."


Because remember, at this point, according to his complaint, I'll call it a complaint even though it's not signed or anything, but according to his complaint, I'm sure he backdated his complaint. He backdated his complaint because my complaint occurred first, so my complaint accusing him of sexual harassment occurred first. His complaint comes after the fact because he's trying to defend for his behavior. But at this point when he's swinging his leg in between my crotch area, I'm not aware that he has any animosity or complaints toward me. I'm not aware of that. So he's swinging his leg and I'm just thinking to myself oh you know he's just being childlike.


Let me see what else we got here. Okay. I'm getting up on 30 minutes here. I'm doing great. Alright. I didn't want this to go too long because you guys can just read from the documentation yourself. I intend. Oh, I intend no harm to anyone at Activision. I wish everyone well. I hope that the animators make a video of this situation. I suggest that if you walk around stone-faced and know that you may be being recorded. Don't ask about a person's weekend. No matter how many money damages you suffer, don't complain about it. Don't complain about anything. Just act like a robot because most likely you are being taped without your permission. This is what Cortez Matthews' said in his statement. I believe his attorneys for Robert Half International verified that. And he also indicates that he was attempting to videotape, and I think when he says videotape and he says audio tape, he's talking about the public that comes into the building. He's talking about employees.


It''s not just him. I think that him, Gelila, and Greg, but maybe not Gelila, we're in this little collaboration where they were sent there to just make up something about me, to get rid of me. I think there was a retaliation because of what I've gone through before I came to Activision. But they also think this whole plot of accusing me of doing something wrong on the job, I think this was all designed from the minute that Greg, Cortez, and Gelila got there. This retaliation was created before they got there because somebody in Activision, somebody at Williams Lea, somebody at the Robert Half International created this scenario and that's why it occurred. But, if Activision wants a war in court, bring it on, I'm ready.


Please see the corresponding website on this matter. And let's see, I want to look at something real fast, how much time we got? A little bit of time. I just want to read from one of these text messages that Cortez wrote me. Now, I think when you see the documentation, you'll see that on July 11th, Cortez is complaining about my conduct on July 11th. I'll read a few parts of that in a second, but on July 8th, which is just a couple of days before July 11th. He writes, he put me on a, what do you call it, on a group chat. MMS group chat. You can't see it, but I'm going to read it to you. Okay. Oh, you could see it a little bit, yeah. Group chat, okay? You can see it a little bit. I guess you could read it, if you put it on pause, you can see it on. Okay, I'll read it for you. So it says, "Hi, it's Cortez. If you guys end up putting up the stuff before I return, please put it in a box, and put it in the stockroom, so we all can find it in the morning, on Monday." Chris mentioned that it has to be done by Monday. And he says, "Have a great weekend." Let's see. I think Gelila writes back, and she says, "No problem." And then Cortez writes back, and he says, "Perfect, thank you."


Now, this sounds like a very routine text message chain, right? But this is the point. The point is that when he writes his narrative just a couple of days later on the 11th, and I'll read part of it to you. He said that - excuse me. This guy has always been a problem talking about me. I told him to leave me alone and blah blah blah. But here's a text message on July 8th which is 2 days, 3 days before he makes his narrative that he was having all these problems with me. So why would you put me on the group chat, if you were having problems with me, and you didn't have to put me on the group chat? Why'd you do that? It doesn't make any sense. It's not logical. And it contradicts everything he's saying in the statement. Let's go to another text message here from him. Let's see, hold on a second. Okay, this is kind of like the same email chain. I think he was writing me separately. You can actually read it. Yeah. He's writing me separately. I'll move my finger out the way.


He's writing me separately. If I can see it, you can see it at home. He's writing me separately, and he's saying blah blah blah. He's saying he created the text message chain. Again, I'll read it to you, "Cool. I created the group chat now, so if it's necessary, do you ever need to contact about business, you may do through the group chat so we can all be on the same page about whatever the matter might be." And I write back, and I say, "Good idea, regards." I think he phrases it that way. He's saying business, because he's saying, if you have something personal to say just between you and me, you can still text me separately. But if you have something to say for the group about something that needs to be done in the kitchen, or something, then you can just use the group text. But again, when you read the documentations from him when he's talking - now, of course, you could be doing a Jussie Smollett and you could be very confused about what's going on. But obviously, if you are doing a Jussie Smollett, and you're confused about stuff, and you don't know what's going on, then obviously you are going to act in a very confused manner.


Of course, numerous times when I had contact with him, he would say to me, this is what he would say, he would say, "Thank you so much. I really appreciate that. I really do. Thank you so much. I really appreciate that. I really do." This is what he says to me, repeatedly. He doesn't say to me there's a problem here. You can see from his text message, but you can see from his narrative that it's not clearly a problem coming from me to him. You haven't seen my complaint. My complaint is very simple, that the man said to me, what is your sexual preference? That's my whole complaint against him. Okay. So, does his story come first or come second? Does it come in reaction to mine? That's what should probably have to be investigated.


I want to read what he says here. This is what he says, the 8th is when he said that he accepts a group chat. And if you read everything else up to that point, I think you'd be wondering, if he's trying to get away from me, why is he setting up a group chat? He's accusing me of stalking him and running behind him and separating him from Gelila. Why would he set up a group chat? But so on the 11th, July 11th, he says, "This time, I was very stern with him and told him to stop making inappropriate comments and questions to me or else I would have to involve someone else. At that point, just reading from that, my interpretation is he says I would have to involve someone else. At that point, he's saying I did not involve anyone else yet, meaning that your complaints did not rise to the level, or your document does not rise to the level of being a complaint. By your own words, because you haven't told anybody else, therefore, it's not to that level. It says about making inappropriate comments and questions to me, blah, blah, blah.


I don't see, from the text messages that I just read to you, that I have made any inappropriate comments to him. I told him, here we go. I'm quoting. It looks like this... If you want to. I can hold it up for you, if you want to pause it and read it, it's up to you. But this is already in the documentation if you go to that website, okay. But I'll read it to you, "I told him I've been uncomfortable with him from the jump." Let's see how much time I got here. "I told him I've been uncomfortable with him from the jump. I've had enough and that he should know better. I ask that he only speaks to me about business stuff from that day forward." Okay, so, sorry if there's noise in the background. This is the way I read this and not trying to be offensive to anyone. This is how I read this, "This time I was very stern with him, very stern. And I told him to stop making inappropriate comments and questions to me, or else I would have to involve someone else! I told him, I've been uncomfortable from the stump! And I had enough and that he should know better!"


It sounds like a script to me. It does, it sounds like a movie script. It doesn't sound like somebody would say that, you know if I was going through what he claims to have been going through, and somebody did something inappropriate to me, you know what I would say? I would immediately say, "don't do that". I would not engage in a, I don't know how long it would take to read this. This time, "I was very stern with him until," I would not engage in 15 seconds or 20 seconds or 30 seconds of what he says that he told me. If it happened to me, I would just, "Don't do that. Don't do that." And I suspect that the person would walk away from me and the person would apologize or something, but he doesn't do that. "I asked that he only speak to me about business stuff from that day further." That doesn't make any sense. Nobody talks like that. Somebody's writing this narrative.


And if you look at the first sentence, I'm going to end up here in a second. This is the first page of his narrative. If you don't get to go read the whole thing, you got to read the whole thing, okay? Go read the whole thing, but this is the first page of his narrative. He says, again, as if he wrote this, "A lot of the training today was Jerry..." he calls me Jerry, I don't know why. He doesn't call me Geary. It must be somebody else writing it, either Chris or Brian or somebody from Robert Half, but my name's not Jerry. "A lot of the training today was..." So maybe he copied and pasted it from another lawsuit or something. I don't know. "A lot of the training today was Jerry and I working together while my other employee, while my other employee..." Okay? He doesn't employ Gelila. She says his coworker, but she's not his employee. So she would be the employee of Williams Lea, which would be Chris, or she would be the employee of Robert Half International. It's more than likely Robert Half International wrote this for Cortez to support.


And just think of it, how long, I mean, was this guy taking notes every day from day one? He started around what, I think the 7th of July? 7th of June, I'm sorry. Was he taking notes every day? Was he taping me every day? It's amazing that they said they taped me and yet, they don't have more direct quotes. That doesn't make sense. Okay, how could you be taping me? I'd like to see the tapes. I like the tapes to be released to the public. So he says, "While my other employee Gelila..." All right, then that means somebody from Robert Half wrote it because Gelila was not an employee of Cortez Matthews.


Anyway, that's it for me. The Jussie Smollett strikes again. So, again, that's my view. Thank you for giving me the opportunity, if you did hear this. You know, you guys have to make up your mind. I mean, make up your own mind, I'm sorry. And if you do, you do. I mean, I just accept whatever. I did the best I could. I was a hospitality person. I made sure the coffee machines were running good, that the milk was fresh and within the right date. I tried to point out things that I thought were unhealthy or would be harmful to other employees. I just think I did a great job. I worked with a lot of people. Even though most of the employees were not back yet, there was a lot of contractors that were in, and out, other than the people that were in my department. And I met some good people, and some of the other buildings at the Water Garden. I work with some of them at the Water Garden and correspondence, and I just thought of myself as a team player.


If I went to the Pen Factory which I did often or every once in a while. I had to go back and forth and get supplies, whether paper supplies, milk or snacks or whatever. Sometimes I had to do that, sometimes Chris directed me to do that. I just did my job and I did my job well, so that's the best I can say. Anyway, have a great day and thank you so much for listening. And taking a few minutes to excuse me out of your day. Thank you very much. God bless.



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Activision incident against Brian Smith

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